tiistai 19. tammikuuta 2021

Social Media - the world power
Sosiaalinen media - maailmanmahti

POTUS Trump has been banned from social media platforms under the wire. The decision took far too long. When monetary loss started to be greater than loyalty among users, the social media giants (Twitter, Facebook) reacted swiftly.


We say that the local election 2021 is the first real social media election in Finland. Potentially it can be more than just e-politics. There are no pure bona fide social media actors. Individual is living in an e-jungly, where the electronic freedom of speech is behind one server control command.


Think, if this power to switch accounts on/off would be used in coming local elections. E.g. candidates of one party could be banned. To stigmatize an individual or a group is easy. To restore the reputation is difficult or even impossible. An anonymous denounce of ones rivals to the social media host is easy and after recent, highly visible, incidents the threshold to act is lower than before. A private social media company could act for any purpose or reason based on their self defined rules.Especially when public pressure is overwhelming. No law could stop this act, especially when the company is registered overseas.  Government would be caught with their pants down.


Now, EU is trying to reprove social media giants and admonish them. What about individuals pushing fake news and having all-out virtual riots in various social media platforms?




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