lauantai 16. tammikuuta 2021

Correlation between temperature and beauty of nature

After many many years I have lived for months up here in 65N and beyond. The nature is at doorstep and outdoor-me just love it.                                    

When winter started to approach, the temperature dropped and eventually hit sub-zero Celsius. Recently we have hit zero degrees Fahrenheit, too. As an outdoor man and a hobby photographer I have documented the change while moving around during my daily chores. 

I started to think if there is a correlation between air temperature and the positive emotions how we see the nature. E.g.

  • last frozen leaves in the trees (-5°C)
  • trees covered by frost and light snow making them to look like white giants (> -15°C)
  • sound of a rifle when a tree gives in the battle against the frost (> -20°C)
  • crackling sound of a slowly running river, when temperature is below -30°C (-22°F) and the stream is about to be covered by ice cover. Yes, there is a quiet sound, go and listen!
  • creaking sound of snow under a winter boot when walking on a road (> -35°C)


... and the threshold, when the beauty starts to vanish:

  • when the batteries of a modern camera die
    N.b. your smartphone has already died at -0°C!
  • when all car doors are stuck due to a sudden drop of temperature
  • when skiing turns to walking with skies due to too high coefficient of friction (>-25°C)
  • when you can only breathe through your nose or through a scarf covering your mouth (> -40°C)


Winter, an experience that will not last for more than 6 months per annum. Do find your own ways to enjoy, besides ploughing snow!


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